Body, Heart and Soul - Part 2

Well folks - I am back from a week at Cisco Live - which is a really sort of nerdy conference about networking (the technological kind, though some of the social kind is done as well) and here is the 2nd part of the new X/G story. Coming up is the 4th of July holiday, and then after that I am heading to Germany for a week of preparation for our next new ship, Norwegian Getaway. I did take the opportunity to stop at Lion Country Safari on the way home yesterday and saw a lot of great animals including this little young zebra.

Body Heard and Soul Part 2


Body, Heart and Soul - Part 1

Xena and Gabrielle are back, trying to adjust to living at home in Amphipolis. A lot of stories often have them leaving home and traveling for their adventures but this time they have decided to resist the urge to wander. But for how long? I think this time the greater good is going to be debated rather than served.

Body, Heart and Soul Part 1


Windsof Change Part 17 -END

As it says - this is the end part of Winds of Change. Next up - Xena and Gabrielle return with their usual weird stuff going on and that will probably get started next weekend.

Winds of Change Part 17 - End.

Happy first day of Hurricane Season!