Merpups' Den

Grab a Banner!

As Requested, here are banners to include on your own home pages! Use your operating sytem's "Save Image As" feature to copy the image to your site. Please do not link to images on this site. The url for linkage is included below the image.

The following are selected banners with a white background, they include the black border

Merpups Den Trading Banner
Size: width-245, height-56 (3KB) link to:

Merpup Den Banner 400 pixels wide
Size: width-400, height-50 (8KB) link to:

Merpup Den Banner 520 Pixels wide
Size: width-520, height-50 (10KB) link to:

Merpup Directory Banner
Size: width-252, height:56 (3KB) link to:

Merpup Den Button
Size: width-75, height:87 (2KB) link to:

walking paw prints (Missy likes these)
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