jae & reed stories
Glass Houses
Make the film. Collect the paycheck. Get out of Dodge. Simple. Nothing is ever as simple as it seems.
part 1  |   part 2  |   part 3  |   part 4  |   part 5
Blow the House Down
Falling in love was easy.
part 1  |   part 2  |   part 3
Director's Cut
Sometimes making the film is only half the fun.

The Day We Met
Sometimes you only think you've already met.

the reparations cycle

Beauty, death and dreams, are the substance of myth. Even Gods fall in love. Like mortals, they sometimes love not wisely, but too well.  As sometimes happens with love, there is jealousy and pain. And like us, they mistake possession for love.
When the Wave Breaks: The First Branch of the Reparations Cycle    part 1  |  part 2  |  part 3
The Once and Future Queen: The Second Branch of the Reparations Cycle
Orion’s Bridge: The Third Branch of the Reparations Cycle
Light of Day

xena: warrior princess

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cargo bay 2: voyager fanfic

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