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How many Merpups *does* it take to screw in a light bulb?

Having trouble keeping up with household chores? Wondering if your fellow pups can help? Our very own pup LilZon attempts to answer this question.

How many Merpups *does* it take to screw in a light bulb? <G> Hmmm...let's see..

20 pups to ask (with only a little whine) if the Alpha Wolf is planning to replace the bulb tonight (or can they safely go to bed?).

1 Alpha Wolf to successfully screw in the light bulb, generating a wonderfully romantic lambent light for all to see.

37 pups to give feedback describing their reactions to this new light, saying how it's even better than the light from last night's Alpha bulb.

10 pups to ask if someone could *please* send some of the light their way, as it's still dark in AOHell.

3 pups to engage in a physics/philosophy discussion as to the nature of reality, asking "Is the bulb real just because we perceive the light?"

1 'Crazy Australian' pup to create a shrine to Alpha Bulbs, complete with detailed info as to wattage and lumens, plus beautiful montages displaying light from previous bulbs.

4 pups who, seeing a red light for some reason, insist on 'going there.'

1 newly reformed pup refusing to don her Red shades, despite tremendous pup pressure to do so.

2(?) mom pups to make sure everyone else plays nice.

1 pup to post the URL for the 'Dancing Lightbulb' site.

1 hopelessly romantic pup to post the nightly 'ALBM', reminding the rest of the Pack of past loved Alpha Light Bulbs

2 new Roseanne Roseannadanna pups to ask "what's all this fuss about Dancing Lightbulbs?"

5 pups to share some beautiful Romantic poetry inspired by the light from the latest Bulb.

Well, you get the idea <BG>

walking paw prints (Missy likes these)
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