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Using this form you can search the database of registered Merpups. If you leave all the fields blank, you will get a listing of all of them! The search algorithm finds those registered pups who meet all of the criteria you supply. So to find all pups in Florida with a real name containing "Alice", you would put "Alice" in the Real name box, select "Florida" in the State/province box, and "U.S.A." in the country box. (This last is to eliminate any possible Alices in other countries that just happen to have a state or province named "FL".)

Pup name
Real name
State or province If you are looking for pups who do not live in the U.S.A., leave the popup blank and fill in the name here: Use whatever common postal abbreviation applies.
Has account (This selects pups with an additional way of being contacted.)

Fine print for the adventurous: The search mechanism is written in PERL, and the contents of the blanks above are actually PERL match patterns. So, for example:

  • Put a caret in front of the a string to "anchor" it at the left side. Thus "^Deb" will find people whose name starts with "Deb" and not those who just have the string "deb" somewhere in the middle, like "Xena-deb".
  • Specify multiple states for a regional search by using the State/Province text box and putting in multiple state abbreviations separated by the vertical bar character. So "NH|VT|ME" would match all pups in New Hampshire, Vermont, or Maine.

walking paw prints (Missy likes these)
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