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Helpful Terms and Acronyms for Merwolf Addicted Pups.

AHMD - Another Head for MaryD

CVK - the Centaur Village Kiss

DarKer Chocolate - common uber battle demand

Fluff - Off topic posts that are somewhat buoyant. Enjoy and contribute to these posts on the Merchat mailing list (see Pack Communication section of Pack News)

Foxhole - A place located to the south of mother's skirts, where pups can dive for cover during a "war" (if you check out the Merchat mailing list, you're sure to find at least a food fight at any hour, day or night). All fire is friendly. Foxholes also make cozy environments for interaction with other pups.

GBCP - Great Bushels of Centaur Poop

HIBULM - Help! I'm Buried Under List Mail. Subscribe to MerwolfPack and Merchat Mailing Lists. The concept will quickly become self-explanatory. (See Pack Communication section of Pack News)

ITIRSHN - If That Is Really Still His/Her Name: A reference to some of Missy's original postings of Tropical Storm, in which the names of characters changed faster than Dar could reroute a network.

MCB - Missy Curve Ball: So you've been led to the edge of a cliff by Missy's latest update. You and your fellow pups have been frantically speculating about what the characters will do next (and on who's couch) and <bam> a Missy Curve Ball takes the plot through an entirely different twist. She's such a tease. We mean that in a good way.

Merland - An idyllic island for MerPups to live in relative harmony (unless that gets too boring) and dedicate themselves to celebrating Merwolf and her writings.

MGWS - Missy Good Withdrawal Syndrome: A sad state for Pups that occurs when <gasp> Missy has not posted an update recently or <gasp, gasp> is between stories. Symptoms include frantic hitting of the reload button in hopes of a Miracle Update*, light-headedness as you realize you have been subsisting on chocolate milk and nutbread for the past several weeks, racing pulse from sifting through the pithy comments hoping for a reinterpretation of "I'll start posting again in a couple of weeks." Some remedies of varying success: reading fanfiction of other bards, long showers with character-scented soaps, and communing with other Pups suffering from MGWS. Should you attempt the aforementioned remedies, it is recommended
that you not do them all simultaneously.

* Please turn to your fellow Merpups for assistance and do not frantically hit reload button. Our favorite bard is already struggling to continue to serve us fresh-out-of-the-oven updates and burdening her by maxing out her site traffic would be deserving of a swat on the nose.

MMM - Mushy Merwolf Moment: A reference to quotes from Missy stories, usually favorite mush or humorous scenes, posted for general admiration and discussion.

RATFU - Recently Acquired a Taste For Uber: referring to Pups who were won over to uber fiction by Missy's eloquent throat jabs to their senses of appreciation. (At least, numerous Pups reported being in a state of unreality when Tropical Storm swept them up and dumped them into Uberia.) Although 'ratfu' may also be a variation of an obscure but fragrant Thai dish, try not to think about that too much.

SM - Santa Monica: location of a wild wolf gathering of epic proportions in honor of the Alpha Leader (oh, and Creation's Xena/Hercules Convention, Jan 23-24, 1999) for more information about events, see Pack Gatherings section of Pack News.

S.O.A.P - Science of All Pleasures, a research foundation inspired by Missy stories (see SOAP section of Merpup's Anonymous)

UWBBA (pronounced "uber") - Uh-oh, We Broke the Board Again: Once upon a time, Missy put up a bulletin board. A place for people to write little notes and communicate with each other about fan fiction stories, Xena episodes, and the like. Within a matter of days, the board was broken as Pups swarmed the site whooping and hollering at each other, but reveling in their free reign to Pwaise Missy!! The original board went down several more times (although I understand that Missy tried to give it CPR on these occasions) until finally the server forbade us access. The heart of the board lives on in Merwolf Pup lore. A new board has arisen, and many other forms of Pup interaction have sprung up (see Pack Communication section of Pack News for details).

WHUFS - Warning! Heads Up For Spillage: This is a polite way to caution other MerPups that the contents of your communication may be humorous. If you or your keyboard have ever had a close encounter with chocolate milk funneling through a nose, you know how important WHUFS can be.

walking paw prints (Missy likes these)
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