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12 Steps to Greater MerAddiction

Hone your appreciation of Merwolf and her writings with this easy 12 step program:

Step 1:

Read the Words. There is no limit to the amount of times you can read a Missy story without great enjoyment. Go ahead, see for yourself.

Step 2:

Email the Great Goddess Bard. Its like a cyber-pilgrimage.

Step 3:

Focus. Don't limit your exposure to the stories to the late nights you spend reading them. Daydreams and fantasies can revolve around the Merwolfverse, too.

Step 4:

Stay in constant contact with your fellow MerPups. Sharing ideas and plotting with them will sharpen your appreciation.

Step 5:

Welcome new Pups. Merwolf the Next Generation.

Step 6:

Get into character. Take up fencing or writing or martial arts or woodcarving or blacksmithing or tree climbing.

Step 7:

Consume the Holy Foods. You can build a well-rounded diet from Missy's 4-food groups: raw chocolate, liquid chocolate, fruit dipped in chocolate and frozen chocolate. For more information, consult the Book of Kibbles.

Step 8:

There's no place like MiamAmphipolis. Alter your surroundings to keep the storyline alive in your dwelling.

Step 9:

Maximize Mush. Get mushy and stay mushy.

Step 10:

Convert others. Maybe don't mention this program until they're hooked.

Step 11:

Sleep. But just occassionally.

Step 12:

Start your own tribe. Swallow appleseeds--lots of them and raise your own pack of Merwolves.

walking paw prints (Missy likes these)
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