MerwolfPack Rules of Behavior

As a member of the Merwolfpack or Merpups as we are called, it is every pup's responsibility to help create a supportive and happy pack society.  Towards that end, here is some information on the general behavior and antics that Merpups exhibit, otherwise newcomers might run a great risk of offending their "older" brothers and sisters--or of being totally bewildered to the point of running for their lives. Of course, the real reason for the instructions is so that the alpha wolf herself, Missy Good, does not need to spend any valuable writing time dealing with pup problems.

There are really only 2 rules that count in the Merwolfpack:
Rule #1: Missy Good is the alpha wolf of the pack (Merwolf) and as such is the leader of the pack in all ways.  Where Merwolf leads we follow. What Merwolf says goes.  (And we like it that way!) 
Rule #2: Merpups never hurt or flame other Merpups.  This is very important as we are a diverse pack and feel it is very important that all pups feel supported by the pack. 

Follow these two rules and you will get lots of nuzzling from the other pups.  Speaking of nuzzling...

General Communication

Mother pup (Gaia) has found that body language is an extremely important form of communication in the pack.  Nowhere, however, has she found exactly what it means when one pup puts another in a headlock and gives him a noogie.  Breadstick fighting doesn't seem to be covered either.  Nor group slobbers.  Although, all of these have been known to happen at one time or another.

Because of the current limitations of the online environment, present Merpup communication leans heavily toward the body language type rather than verbal.  The following activities have been observed and translated:
  • Spray painting each other in various colors - a form of playful activity that shows affection.
  • Getting virtually drunk (usually by imbibing exotic drinks invented by one of the several bartenders on the Merchat list) - a way of bonding in cyberspace.
Verbal Signals

One of the primary forms of communication within a real life pack is through verbal signals.  Even in the online world verbal signals are used by the cyberpack.  Whimpering, growling and howling are common among the merpups.  Here's some more info:

Wolves use several types of vocalizations for different purposes. They are:
  • Whimpering - by mother to calm the pups
  • Squeak - to call the pups
  • Growl - in dominance disputes or aggressive encounters
  • Bark - to alarm fellow pack members or challenge intruders
  • Howl - to reunite pack members, solidify pack cohesion or defend territory
For more information on wolf behavior, feel free to check out Wolves on the Web. Also for examples of wolf sounds...check out Omegawolf. (thanks pup Lissa)

Mailing Lists

On the various mailing lists a merpup will often accompany their name with a description, as in "Xana, the Font of Useless Knowledge Pup." This description may stay the same for every post, or may change as the situation demands.  This is a very useful way of communicating a merpup's emotional state or possible useful or useless skills.

A pup should feel free to ask questions about anything posted on the list, and should never be critical of other pups (with the exception of joking, which should be gentle) and a pup should try not to offend or be offended. We are all friends here.

Pups are very supportive to others when it comes to Real Life.  We pride ourselves on our ability to be there for each other whenever necessary.  Here's some additional points of pup protocol for emailing:

  1. When you reply from the pack, it goes out to the pack.
  2. If you wish to send the original author a E-mail, click on the authors E-mail addy at the top or cut and paste.
  3. Caps is yelling.
  4. The use of <grin>, <smile>, <shrug>, etc.. goes a long way in taking the sting out of something that may be taken the wrong way.
  5. Be sure to cut and paste.  If you are replying to a particular part of an E-mail "snip" the irrelevant parts.
  6. Always keep in mind "Cultural Diversity."  We Pups are from around the world, hence what one thing means to one group is completely different for another group.
  7. If commenting on a story or Xena episode, be sure and put spoiler space, or spoiler in the subject line.  Some Pups do not want to know before reading or seeing the episode.
  8. Remember, we have a few mail lists.  If it is something that would be of interest to all groups then you can subscribe to all <even if you don't have them set to E-mail> and include them too!!!!  See the Den Communication page for more info on the mailing lists.
  9. Flames are scathing negative, hurtful, comments.
Merchat Rules

Now for those of you who have signed up for the Merchat mailing list, this group has some additional rules to help manage the wild bunch of pups that participate.  This is by no means a complete list as there are special rules for use of various items in the wolfhole including the stereo and the waterbed.  Again, since the wolfhole/foxhole/bomb shelter was dug in mother pup's backyard, here are some of her rules:

  • No sharp objects for pups
  • Pups may not drive the backhoe
  • Don't do anything that will occasion the calling of police for any reason
  • Never eat anything that is still moving.
  • Never get a tattoo when you are drunk enough that you have to close one eye to see the choices.
  • Never begin anything with other pups unless you have a safe word.
  • Never try to win a flirting contest with Tanya the Bartender Goddess.
  • Never try to shock your old Mother.  It won't work.  She'll just laugh indulgently.
If you do not understand any of the rules listed above, you are not alone.  Join the Merchat list for a while and you'll learn very quickly.(G)

Since the pack is a living thing, the rules will continue to grow and change.  We will try to keep all pups fully informed of any changes to the above.
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