Merwolf's Stories in Mobile Formats (PRC, Mobi, EPUB)

I have had some folks ask me if there is a way to donate here for all the work and the hosting so - here is a donate button if anyone would like to toss a few bucks in for the hosting and time and writing effort. These mobile files are not edited versions, and there are differences in the ones that are available for commercial sale (those are even spellchecked)

Dar and Kerry Stories

Tropical Storm

Hurricane Watch

Eye of the Storm

Tropical High

Terrors of the High Seas

Moving Target

Storm Surge

Short Stories

A Journey of Soulmates (Xena and Gabrielle)

A Warrior By Any Other Name

At A Distance

Home is Where the Heart Is


Winters Ending

Longest Night

Reflections from the Past

Darkness Falls

Leap of Faith

Promises Kept


Circle of Life

Dark Comes the Morning

A Matter of Pride


One Wild Ride

A Queen's Tale

Body Heart and Soul - MOBI

Body Heart and Soul - EPUB

Xena the Merciless

Shadows Of the Soul

Queen of Hearts

Queen for All Seasons (EPUB)

Queen for All Seasons (mobi)

Queen for All Seasons (PRC)

Jess and Dev

Partners (EPUB)

Partners (mobi)

Partners (PRC)