Merwolf's Stories in Word Format

Dar and Kerry Stories

Tropical Storm

A Present Under the Tree

Hurricane Watch

Eye of the Storm

Tropical High

Terrors of the High Seas

Moving Target Part 1

Moving Target Part 2

Storm Surge

A Journey of Soulmates (Xena and Gabrielle)

A Warrior By Any Other Name

At A Distance

Home is Where the Heart Is


Winters Ending

Longest Night

Reflections from the Past

Darkness Falls

Leap of Faith

Promises Kept


Circle of Life

Dark Comes the Morning Part 1

Dark Comes the Morning Part 2

A Matter of Pride


One Wild Ride

A Queen's Tale- DOC

A Queen's Tale - PDF

Body Heart and Soul - docx

Body Heart and Soul - PDF

Xena the Merciless

Shadows Of the Soul

Queen of Hearts

Queen for All Seasons (.doc)

Queen for All Seasons (.pdf)

Jess and Dev

Partners (.doc)

Partners (.pdf)