Rogue Wave Part 29

I hope everyone is staying cool in this weather. As you can see by the end of this section the next section of this story will be the last one. I am still pondering what will come next - I will see what forms up as a story before I finish with this marathon. It feels like it's Xena and Gabrielle's turn - but we will see.

Part 29 of Rogue Wave


Rogue Wave Part 28

Well, I hope everyone is keeping cool where they are - it's been overwhelmingly steamy here in Central Florida, the temperatures and the humidity is at all time highs, and the water temperatures off the coast of Florida are they highest ever recorded.

Not to put a fine point on it, but we are playing with fire here, and the Earth has ways of enforcing her requirements when she has to.

Here is Part 19 of Rogue Wave.

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