Body Heart and Soul Part 7

At long last an update! Sorry about that folks - I had to take a break to go to Papenburg and execute a project to install the network components in our new cruise ship Norwegian Getaway currently under construction there. Some people do wonder why I usually stop updating when I am overseas and the reason is that our days are very long out there. It’s a six hour plus time difference from Miami, so how it works is we get up at 2am Miami time and work all day - but when our day is winding down at 5 or 6 pm, it’s just 11 or 12 noon back home and the work doesn’t stop until six Miami time - which is midnight in Germany.

So between that, and the fact that my team does tend to eat as a group when we are there I don’t get time in the evenings to write as I do when I’m home. We are about halfway through the process for Getaway - I fly back there on November 3rd and will be there until after the sea trials end but after that - well, after that actually I am going to New Zealand for a week. LOL. But that’s vacation.

Anyway, enjoy part 7 of Body Heart and Soul.

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