Fair Winds and Following Seas Part 7

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it! I spent the day out at Animal Kingdom and got to see some great animals and walk over a pit of crocodiles. It was awesome.

Here is part 7 of Fair Winds.


Fair Winds and Following Seas Part 6

Happy Halloween everyone. It was a hot one here in central Florida, we had temps in the 80s and 90s but people dressed up anyway. I had everything from ghouls to Left (or is it right? Or was it Baby?) sharks show up. There were also people dressed as traffic cones at the Magic Kingdom.

I have rebuilt the site at www.robertsautomation.com and added some pictures for fun. Also, they are shutting down Yahoo groups, so the Merwolfpack Mailing List has moved from Yahoo to Groups.io - you can subscribe to either of the new lists (updates is announcement only)

Send mail to - Merwolfpack+subscribe@groups.io

Here is part 6 of Fair Winds

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