Body Heart and Soul Part 12

Hi there folks! I am glad to see spring is getting to the rest of the country - it never actually stopped here in South Florida. We have had temps in the 70s and 80’s all winter. My big adventure the past week (and why this update is this weekend and not last weekend is twofold - one, I finally unexpectedly decommissioned my accounts (my advice to all - when you use an email account try to make sure it’s one you have control over or one you are convinced is going to be around a long, long time.) These accounts were tied to first bellsouth and then ATT ADSL service and since ATT has decided to refuse to continue development on that product and has no plans to replace it I had to finally cancel the service. I had it as a backup to my cable internet service but it was so slow it was pretty useless for anything but basic web surfing. So I have been running around this week changing all the online accounts that used it. (mailing lists, devices, Apple ID, my network solutions hosting for the domain, on and on and on.

I have had for a long time now and had converted some stuff, but not others. You know how it is. I also switched to using domain mail for my domain - So anyway. The second reason is I got a new car last week and I have been having to deal with all the running around that sort of thing causes. At any rate, here is part 12 of Body Heart and Soul.

Body Heart and Soul - Part 12

I also got to go the Renaissance Fair here in Broward County last weekend - great weather, and a whole lot of fun. They did a number of demonstrations of 15th century life, including blacksmithing.