A Change of Seasons Part 8

Hello everyone - happy new year to you! I would like to wish everyone the best of luck and joy in the new year, and so far it’s been a good one. A new household member has joined us here in the swamp and her name is Lucy! I adopted her from the Miami Dade animal shelter - they bring a bus around to our offices every few months and this time nine animals including Lucy were adopted. So far she and Mocha are getting along. She’s got pink toenails!

A Change of Seasons Part 8

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A Change of Seasons Part 7

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2018 is wonderful for all, and you all have joy and content ahead of you. Here is part 7 of A Change of Seasons - enjoy.

A Change of Seasons Part 7


A Change of Seasons Part 6

Happy Thanksgiving all! Here is the next bit of Change of Seasons.

A Change of Seasons Part 6


At Last - A Change of Seasons Part 5

I apologize folks - it has been a long time between updates, but between updates I have been traveling to three places, and had Hurricane Irma come by my house. I had no damage - only lost power for 12 hours over the night of my birthday so I have no complaints others suffered far worse but it has been one long series of interruptions in updating. This bit was actually finished last week, but I was on a ship and there was no way for me to post it. So now here it is.

A Change of Seasons Part 5

And here is a turtle I took a picture of in Roatan on Monday.


A Change of Seasons Part 4

Greetings all - a note before posting the update - when this is being posted we are getting many reports of catastrophic damage and flooding in Houston Texas. Please try to assist if you can, through donations to the many organizations (Red Cross, ASPCA, etc.) who are trying to help. As someone who went through a category 5 storm and saw the aftermath this is something you do not ever want to have to experience.

A Change of Seasons - Part 4