Rogue Wave Part 18

Here we are on the cusp of a hurricane! It's that time of year here in Florida and hopefully it will be a non event. But we will see!

Here is an update to Rogue Wave - Part 18


Rogue Wave Part 17

Happy end of summer everyone! Except here in Florida where it will carry on for another two months. I am heading off for a week's vacation on a ship.

Here is Part 17 of Rogue Wave hope you enjoy it!


Rogue Wave Part 16

A new part of the story - sorry for the delay - I have been traveling for work and its been pretty busy here due to some projects and other distractions.

Here is Part 16 of Rogue Wave


Rogue Wave Part 15

Sorry for the delay in this one folks - I have been traveling for work and that does not leave that much time to update unfortunately. On the other hand, it's nice to travel again though the potential for getting sick doing it is certainly there.

Here is the next part of Rogue Wave.


Rogue Wave Part 14

Happy May everyone. Sorry this update was a bit late - I have had to do some unexpected travel for work - mostly to the west coast - and this month I have some European travel coming up in a few weeks. So I appreciate everyone being patient as I usually do not have time to write during these trips.

Here is Part 14 of Rogue Wave.

Some public art near Canada Place, a cruise ship port in Vancouver where I recently was.

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