Rogue Wave Part 26

A new part of the story - hope you enjoy.

Also happy to make this announcement about an audiobook in progress -

"I’m excited to let you know that Tropical Storm by Melissa Good now has an audio publication date! It will be available for sale on 7/11/2023 across our 60+ retail and library digital distributors, including Audible, Apple, and Google Play.
The narrator for the audio book is Elisabeth Ashby. "

Rogue Wave Part 26

And it's hard to believe I have been working at Disney for five years. I got my five year pin, and we also added an embellishment for DCL's 25th anniversary season.


Rogue Wave Part 25

Happy Easter, Passover, Ramadan and any other holiday anyone is celebrating or Happy Sunday to anyone who does not.

Here is part 25 of Rogue Wave and a picture of the China Pavilion at Epcot on the last night of the Harmonious show just a week or so ago.

Rogue Wave Part 25


Rogue Wave Part 24

Happy Spring everyone! It seems so amazing that it's already the end of March, and we are rapidly heading for summertime. The year is speeding by!

Here is Part 24 of Rogue Wave, and here's a picture of the best side eye in Epcot this year at the Flower and Garden festival. This is Lady of Lady and the Tramp.


Rogue Wave Part 23

Here's the next part of Rogue Wave - hope you enjoy it!

Rogue Wave Part 23


Rogue Wave Part 22

Sorry for the week delay in posting this - it's been crazy at work!

Part 22 of Rogue Wave

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