Body Heart and Soul Part 22

Happy Halloween and All Saints day to all. or not! Here is the next to last section of this story, I thought this was going to be the last, but as usual the characters just would not shut up. It’s a beautiful day here in the Pines - in the high sixties/low seventies, 45 percent humidity, and sunny. Weather in SoFla does not get any better, and Mocha and I enjoyed the day.

Body Heart and Soul Part 22


Body Heart and Soul Part 21

Happy start of fall everyone. It’s broken 70 degrees here this morning, being 68 and therefore it’s officially no longer always hot as blazes season here in South Florida. Of course, the high is still supposed to be 91 today so it’s a very very brief foray into not walking out and getting covered in sweat but still This is what allows us to wear costumes other than dancing geishas and shirtless pirates in a few weeks.

The picture is an oldie but goodie - a shark from a dive I did in 2007 over in the bahamas.

Here is part 21 of Body Heart and Soul


Body Heart and Soul Part 20

Hello folks - sorry it’s been so long between updates. Work has been crazy, and I also had to put a week of vacation in there, and editing for the 2nd part of Partners which is begin published.

Here is part 20, of Body Heart and Soul


Body Heart and Soul Part 19

Well folks first off, here is part 19 of Body Heart and Soul - but I have also been spending some time messing around with the fake website for - a website I made up during my last Dar and Kerry story just for fun. I am working through the edits for that story for publication, so it brought it back to mind and I decided to switch the site to Squarespace. So I spent a few hours today doing DNS record changes and all that nerd stuff and maybe I will add a little more to the site later.

Body Heart and Soul Part 19


Body Heart and Soul Part 18

Howdy all - alas I had to duck out on Comic Con this year, since I had something come up at work. I got to talk to the panel members on blogtalkradio the other night, and I am sorry I am going to miss it! Everyone was such great fun to talk to. Anyway, here is part 18 of Body Heart and Soul which will probably be another two or possibly three sections. Next up is a new Partners story - with Jess and Dev having to deal with a whole new set of challenges together.

Body Heart and Soul Part 18