A Change of Seasons - Part 1

Time for a new Xena and Gabrielle story. Hope you all enjoy it!

Change of Seasons - Part 1

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Southern Stars Part 11

Well folks here is the end of this story. i think Xena and Gabrielle are up next - but I will need to do an edit to this and submit it first so it will be a little bit before that starts up. And below is why this is late - had to take some time to birth our newest, Norwegian Joy.

Southern Stars Part 11 (End)


Southern Stars - Part 10

Hello from chilly and raining Papenburg Germany, where the latest of Norwegian’s new builds theJoy is in progress. Here is the next to last part of Southern Stars. Enjoy!

Southern Stars Part 10


Southern Stars Part 9

hello folks - merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy New Year, all that stuff. Here is the next to last part of Southern Stars. Thanks for your patience - I was traveling last month for work and could not work on it.

Southern Stars Part 9


Southern Stars Part 8

Hello folks! I am back from traveling and waiting for the US elections to be over. The horrible nature of this election cycle has been stunning to say the least, and it makes me feel bad overall for our future and our country regardless of who wins.

Anyway here is the next bit of Southern Stars.

Southern Stars Part 8