A Change of Seasons Part 4

Greetings all - a note before posting the update - when this is being posted we are getting many reports of catastrophic damage and flooding in Houston Texas. Please try to assist if you can, through donations to the many organizations (Red Cross, ASPCA, etc.) who are trying to help. As someone who went through a category 5 storm and saw the aftermath this is something you do not ever want to have to experience.

A Change of Seasons - Part 4


A Change of Seasons - Part 3

Hello folks - here is another part to Change of Seasons - apologize for the slow progress on it I have been traveling a lot for work in the last two months (Italy, Germany, China, Las Vegas, etc.)

A Change of Seasons 3


A Change of Seasons - Part 2

Thank you for your patience! I had to take a break to deliver the Norwegian Joy, but now I am back and updating.

A Change of Seasons - Part 2


A Change of Seasons - Part 1

Time for a new Xena and Gabrielle story. Hope you all enjoy it!

Change of Seasons - Part 1

Pasted Graphic

Southern Stars Part 11

Well folks here is the end of this story. i think Xena and Gabrielle are up next - but I will need to do an edit to this and submit it first so it will be a little bit before that starts up. And below is why this is late - had to take some time to birth our newest, Norwegian Joy.

Southern Stars Part 11 (End)