Rogue Wave Part 14

Happy May everyone. Sorry this update was a bit late - I have had to do some unexpected travel for work - mostly to the west coast - and this month I have some European travel coming up in a few weeks. So I appreciate everyone being patient as I usually do not have time to write during these trips.

Here is Part 14 of Rogue Wave.

Some public art near Canada Place, a cruise ship port in Vancouver where I recently was.


Rogue Wave Part 13

Happy spring everyone. I hope the weather is good where you are, as it intermittently is here this time of year. Soon enough it will be summer and we will be subject to monsoons and stifling, muggy heat that will last until November. A lot of people ask me how we tolerate that here. - we stay inside in the air conditioning.

I will be traveling a bit in the next few months, so updates might be variable. Here is part 13 of Rogue Wave

Rogue Wave - Part 13


Rogue Wave Part 12

Here is the next section of Rogue Wave. Hope everyone had a great Valentines Day! This picture is a cotton top tamarin at Animal Kingdom today.

Rogue Wave Part 12


Rogue Wave Part 11

We have just had a cold wave here in Florida, and it was cold enough to render frost on the grass outside which most of the time makes everyone else to the north of Florida just laugh and shake their heads. It was 30 degrees at my house this morning and the dogs were not pleased with the ice on the grass.

Here is Part 11 of Rogue Wave


Rogue Wave Part 10

Welcome to 2022 everyone. I hope it's a happy and healthy new year for all, and that we have success at whatever it is we are attempting this year.

Here is Part 10 of Rogue Wave