Of Sea and Stars Part 8

hello there folks - it’s already summer here in the swamp and we are waiting for the hurricane season to start soon. They say it’s supposed to be a light year for storms, but last year they said it was going to be busier than normal and we didn’t have a one. So you never know. On another note, the second part of Winds of Change is being released on June 1st, so hope everyone enjoys it.

Here is part 8 of Of Sea and Stars

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Of Sea and Stars Part 7

Hello there folks - am posting this from a cruise at the moment taking a little bit of vacation.

Of Sea and Stars Part 7


Of Sea and Stars Part 6

Howdy folks - here’s another part of Of Sea and Stars. I also finished the first round of edits on Winds of Change part 2, and I did an interview on Chatting with Sherri about that story too.


and Of Sea and Stars Part 6


Of Sea and Stars - Part 5

Hello folks - happy Spring Forward day. This is the day we somewhat nonsensically change the time so that it gets lighter later and darker later. I think this was supposed to help farmers originally, now it just annoys everyone because a lot of folks will now leave i the dark in the morning. Myself - I am okay with it mostly because I will now eventually leave while it’s still light out at 7pm. You do end up with a little more day in your day.

Anyway, enjoy the part - I got some days off last weekend and went to Universal in Orlando - enjoyed DIagon Alley and especially the butter beer.

Of Sea and Stars - Part 5


Of Sea and Stars - Part 4

We are having very nice weather here in South Florida - in the 60s and sunny - a great Saturday. I spent most of it catching up on chores, as I was in Hawaii last week participating in a technical exercise. I will be visiting Italy next week, but hopefully then not traveling until May so the updates might come a little faster.

Here is Part 4 of Of Sea and Stars