Of Sea and Stars Part 10

Happy 4th of July to all of my fellow inhabitants of the US. We are expecting both the usual rain and fireworks and bottle rockets and people shooting guns tomorrow. So I was glad to have a day off to update this story and put up the next section.

Of Sea and Stars Part 10


Of Sea and Stars Part 9

Hello from NerdFest! Also known as Cisco Live - a conference I go to every year that focuses on networking technology. Hope you enjoy Of Sea and Stars Part 9!

Of Sea and Stars Part 9


Of Sea and Stars Part 8

hello there folks - it’s already summer here in the swamp and we are waiting for the hurricane season to start soon. They say it’s supposed to be a light year for storms, but last year they said it was going to be busier than normal and we didn’t have a one. So you never know. On another note, the second part of Winds of Change is being released on June 1st, so hope everyone enjoys it.

Here is part 8 of Of Sea and Stars

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Of Sea and Stars Part 7

Hello there folks - am posting this from a cruise at the moment taking a little bit of vacation.

Of Sea and Stars Part 7


Of Sea and Stars Part 6

Howdy folks - here’s another part of Of Sea and Stars. I also finished the first round of edits on Winds of Change part 2, and I did an interview on Chatting with Sherri about that story too.


and Of Sea and Stars Part 6