Fair Winds and Following Seas Part 14

It's hard to believe that we are more than halfway through 2020 already. But Fourth of July has passed, and now the days will start getting shorter again as we all live through these hard and troubling times. Sometimes I find that writing is a way to put the world aside for a while and spend some time in a place that you have total control over unlike what it's like in the day to day.

And - there is also this - now is a time when we can reach out to help others and so And also, I have pitched in to help out a worthy cause -


Please do join me if you can - a lot of fellow writers are adding their works in as well.

Here is part 14 of Fair Winds and Following Seas.


Fair Winds and Following Seas Part 13

This is a strange and unique time we are all living through right now. My greatest hope is that we come out of what we are living through into a better view of who we are and how we might want to live and that we take from this moment in time the energy and resolution to both accept and advance change.

Here is part 13 of Fair Winds and Following Seas.


Fair Winds and Following Seas Part 12

Well, I hope everyone out there is well, and holding up under the strange circumstances we find ourselves in right now. Lucy and Mocha are entertained by me working from home.

Here is part 12 of Fair Winds and Following Seas - and here is also a wish that the world settle back into a more usual routine soon!


Fair Winds and Following Seas Part 11

I hope everyone is well and staying safe, although it's understood that there are very few people around who are not affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. I of course am as my place of work is tremendously affected, and we are trying to keep the lights on while we wait for science and process to allow life to move forward again. While I can work from home - I am an IT professional after all - the industry I work in is at a standstill and it's led to very difficult and hard times for almost everyone around me.

This duck lives in the pond near my house.

Here is Part 11 of Fair Winds and Following Seas.


Fair Winds and Following Seas Part 10

Hello there - thanks for your patience with this next part as I had a lot of commotion at work as you all might imagine given who I work for. I know this is a strange and scary time, and I don't know where this terrible situation is going to end or how - but I hope we will get through it safe and sound and whole and that everyone out there is well and in a safe place.

Here is Part 10 of Fair Winds and Following Seas