Of Sea and Stars Part 7

Hello there folks - am posting this from a cruise at the moment taking a little bit of vacation.

Of Sea and Stars Part 7


Of Sea and Stars Part 6

Howdy folks - here’s another part of Of Sea and Stars. I also finished the first round of edits on Winds of Change part 2, and I did an interview on Chatting with Sherri about that story too.


and Of Sea and Stars Part 6


Of Sea and Stars - Part 5

Hello folks - happy Spring Forward day. This is the day we somewhat nonsensically change the time so that it gets lighter later and darker later. I think this was supposed to help farmers originally, now it just annoys everyone because a lot of folks will now leave i the dark in the morning. Myself - I am okay with it mostly because I will now eventually leave while it’s still light out at 7pm. You do end up with a little more day in your day.

Anyway, enjoy the part - I got some days off last weekend and went to Universal in Orlando - enjoyed DIagon Alley and especially the butter beer.

Of Sea and Stars - Part 5


Of Sea and Stars - Part 4

We are having very nice weather here in South Florida - in the 60s and sunny - a great Saturday. I spent most of it catching up on chores, as I was in Hawaii last week participating in a technical exercise. I will be visiting Italy next week, but hopefully then not traveling until May so the updates might come a little faster.

Here is Part 4 of Of Sea and Stars


Of Sea and Stars - Part 3

I hope everyone is having a fun and successful 2015 so far. It’s been crazy busy here and it looks like we will have a very busy year at work ending in the delivery of another new cruise ship, the Norwegian Escape. I especially like the hull art planned for this one because it’s all seascape, designed by Guy Harvey.

Here is the third part to Of Sea and Stars.

This picture is sunset from where I work, just west of the Miami International Airport.