Body Heart and Soul Part 17

Hello folks - hope everyone is getting ready for the 4th of July weekend here in the US. The barbecuing and all is fun, but Mocha hates the fireworks. Today we found out we have a raccoon and two babies in the attic, so a trapping is underway. Also for those going to the San Diego Comic Con, I will be a small part of a panel there on the 25th about fan writing leading to professional writing.

Here is Part 17 of Body Heart and Soul


Body Heart and Soul Part 16

Hello to all - we are starting into the Hurricane Season here in South Florida and the weather yesterday was wild. Nothing to do with hurricanes though - just typical summer heating. Lightning hit a runway at Fort Lauderdale international, and today we have very smoky conditions here in the swamp as there are brush fires out west and a little north of us. Hope that doesn’t continue all summer!

Here is Part 16 of Body, Heart and Soul.


Body Heart and Soul Part 15

Howdy folks - happy almost summer for most and long into summer for us in here in the swamp. Next week I am going to the Cisco Live convention in San Francisco, which can best be described as an utter nerd fest. Bit of a busman’s holiday but I think it’s going to be fun. This is a duck that lives in my backyard. She always has something to say.

Body Heart and Soul Part 15


Body Heart and Soul Part 14

Howdy folks - hope everyone had a nice holiday if you celebrate and if otherwise, then I hope you had a good time consuming Peeps and matzoh balls without having to get dressed up and attend a service. From my perspective - I don’t participate in religion so I did in fact enjoy the peripherals of it without any commitment. I think faith should be something that you savor and enjoy in your life and I also think that everyone should respect the choices of others whether that choice matches your own, or is diametrically opposed to it. It makes me sad when I see people use something that should be a joy in their lives to bring unhappiness to others, and ultimately, to themselves.

So anyway. Here is part 14 of Body Heart and Soul.


Body Heart and Soul Part 13

Howdy folks - just got back from vacation and here’s the next part of Body, Heart and Soul. I went on a cruise to the Western Caribbean and had a blast.

Body Heart and Soul Part 13